We’ve undergone a few transformations on our website in the past few years. Our web presence has changed hands a couple of times and so has the direction and aim of this experience. We’ve tried a couple things, updated, and we think we’re finally at a place where we can settle down on something that will be around for the foreseeable future.

The Lord would have us try and reach as many people as we can in an attempt to unify His bride – the Church. Our desire is to be helping people to obey the New Covenant in Christ’s blood and to be transformed into Christ so they can live in peace (shalom) and attain eternal life by training them to be whole, ministers, teachers, mature, and united.

We are establishing true Christian maturity and unity by equipping all disciples to deny themselves and “be Christ” through the apostles’ doctrine and collective body ministry under biblical government and structure,

It’s all there at the bottom of our home page as a reminder to us and you, our cherished visitor. We have a podcast, calenders, ways to contact us, and info on who we are and what all we do. As we adjust what we have on our site we expect you will be as excited as we are.

Thank you!

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